logo-aefb-spainWe are proud to announce that we elected a Spanish representative, Mr. Manual Guerrero and Eduardo Castro already founded the Spanish national association: LA ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE FÚTBOL BURBUJA. Mr. Guerrero and Eduardo Castro have already established Bubble Football in Madrid.

But let we introduce themself in their own words:
We have been playing this sport since 2014, and a year later we launched BUBBLESPORTS MADRID, in order to spread this sport over all sides in Spain. We have a big net in Spain, in order to create a public association of bubble football in Spain.
We are professionals in the sport world, so we will do a giant effort in order to keep this sport up in our country. We are going to make several tournament over the country open for the all people. We are going to push as high as we can. Our names are Manuel Guerrero and Eduardo Castro, and we have created the AEFB. We have talk with the Portuguese association in order to manage some Iberian tournament.
We have the ambition, you only have to play it.

We are very happy to have a representative in this great football nation!

ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE FÚTBOL BURBUJA: http://futbol-burbuja.weebly.com/
Bubble Sports Madrid: http://www.bubblesports.net/