nz-nabf-logoWe proudly announce a new member: New Zealand, the country with the great landscape from lord of the rings! The New Zealand Association of Bubble Football founded by Dmitri Krasnikov & Natalina Krasnikov will be our official representative for this country. Their introduction in their own words:

New Zealand National Association of Bubble Football (NZ NABF) has been founded in 2015 by Dmitri Krasnikov & Natalina Krasnikov with the aim to make Bubble Football Sport popular all over NZ, to promote and publicise BF Sport at a National Level.  
In the period of a short time a number of sport clubs throughout new Zealand have been created for kids and adults of all ages and we are continuing to expand. We provide a number of sport programs for bubble football as well as a variety of training course for management, trainers and coaches.

New Zealand TeamThe NZ NABF team are very ambitious, professional people and are very passionate about Bubble Football Sport & Bubble Football Industry in New Zealand. Their biggest desire is that BF Sport becomes like second nature for NZ people and becomes a regular sport of choice for the majority.  

We are glad to have another bubble football expert on board and wish the New Zealand representatives good luck in spreading this sport!