PokaleThe IBFA is an official association under the German association law. Our goal is to inform people about bubble football and bring, on a international level, the bubble football fans together.

In 2012 we discovered a fun sport named „Bubble Bootball“ and we have been very impressed. These sport was popular in Scandinavia but in Germany nobody knew it. The mission was clear: This sport has to become popular in Germany so that everybody can play whenever and wherever. Due to this reason we founded an association that provides uniform rules, standards and – above all – a network for players and clubs.


The „Deutscher Bubble Football Bund“ (=German Bubble Football Association) had been born
We started with some small tournaments which gave us such a great resonance that we knew that we are on the right way. In autumn of 2013 we organized the 1. German Bubble Bootball Mastership. Our expectations regarding the resonance had been exceeded.
Our Vision is that Bubble Football becomes a well-established part in the German scene.
We have been really impressed – especially from the raising speed of our prominence. So the vision has been extended.
The idea of an international association was born.
In spring 2014 we met our partners from Denmark in Germany to elaborate a plan for foundation of the international association which shall be an umbrella organization for national associations.
The International Bubble Football Association – IBFA had been founded.
Our aim is the provision of uniform rules, standards and – above all – an international network for national associations, clubs and players.