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The land of Lord of the Rings is on board!

We proudly announce a new member: New Zealand, the country with the great landscape from lord of the rings! The New Zealand Association of Bubble Football founded by Dmitri Krasnikov & Natalina Krasnikov will be our official representative for this country. Their introduction in their own words: New Zealand National Association of Bubble Football (NZ [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:40+02:00Dezember 28th, 2016|

Welcome Spain!

We are proud to announce that we elected a Spanish representative, Mr. Manual Guerrero and Eduardo Castro already founded the Spanish national association: LA ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE FÚTBOL BURBUJA. Mr. Guerrero and Eduardo Castro have already established Bubble Football in Madrid. But let we introduce themself in their own words: We have been playing this [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:40+02:00Oktober 14th, 2016|

South Africa joins us!

The Beautiful Game Consortium, the developers of the world renowned Discovery Soccer Park (DSP), are proud to be announced as the newest member of the IBFA, and are looking forward to representing South Africa on the world stage. Being the largest outdoor 5-a-side facility in South Africa and the African continent, with 8 x 3G [...]

2016-04-23T09:36:34+02:00April 23rd, 2016|

Bubble Football is coming home!

England has now joined the IBFA with our newest member the National Bubble Football Association. This association has been set up by Kevin Viles and Rob Grace with the aim of unifying the various tournaments & commercial interests around England. They have high ambitions to take this association to great heights and we believe that [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:41+02:00November 17th, 2015|

Morocco is the first African country to join the IBFA

We are proud to announce that Morocco is the first African country to join the IBFA.  Maroc Bubble Football, led by Mr. Jamal El Amrani, is our official representative for the North African country. Mr.  El Amrani has ambitious goals to spread this sport in Morocco. We wish him the best success and are looking [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:41+02:00November 5th, 2015|

Welcome Saqartvelo (Georgia)

We proudly announce another new member of our Bubble Football family: Saqartvelo (Georgia), bordering with Turkey to the South-West and in the middle of the Caucasus. Gocha & Misha founded the AGBF, the national association for the country on the black sea. We are convinced that they will establish Bubble Football in Saqartvelo with great [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:41+02:00August 6th, 2015|

salam alajkum – welcome Iran

The International Bubble Football Association is proud to announce Iran as our newest member. The Iranian National Association of Bubble Football is a brand new organisation, with the intention of unifying and solidifying bubble football in Iran. With endorsement from the Ministry of Sports and Youth in Iran, we are sure that they will be [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:42+02:00Juli 21st, 2015|

The Netherlands joins us – Hartelijk welkom!

We are glad to announce the next country to join us: The Netherlands. From now on the Dutch Bubble Football Association (NBVB) is our official representative of bubble football in The Netherlands. The NBVB was founded by Willem van der Steeg (President) and Mischa Keemink (Technical Director). Both of them are experienced in sports management. We [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:42+02:00Juli 19th, 2015|

Welcome Israel – Shalom

We proudly announce that Israel just entered the IBFA as our newest member. The Association of Football Clubs of Israel will help spread Bubble Football in this beautiful country. We are happy to be part of the development of Bubble Football news from this historic country. Furthermore, we can welcome an Israeli team to the [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:42+02:00Juni 26th, 2015|

Macau: Our 15th member

As with FIFA, the IBFA also recognizes Macau as it's own territory, which is able to send it's own team to the World Cup. We do not want to make any political statement with this decision and recognize Macau is a part of the Peoples Republic of China. The decision is based on the historical [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:42+02:00Mai 20th, 2015|
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