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Tervetuloa – Welcome Finland

Finland is our first Scandinavian member in the IBFA, altogether 13 countries now! We find it cool to be resembled in the far north: Kevin Kluszewski from Ydeas is from now on our official country representative. Ydeas has already organized a lot of events and is the right partner to build up the Finish Bubble [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:43+02:00Mai 4th, 2015|

Brazil – the first South American Team will join the World Cup!

Bubble Soccer Brazil joins the IBFA and therefore South American football spirit will be part of the World Cup! Raul Brandão the owner of Bubble Soccer Brazil is from now on the official country representative for the IBFA in this great country. Mr. Brandão and his team have already organized a lot of succesful tournaments [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:43+02:00April 26th, 2015|

Thailand joins us!

We proudly announce the membership of Thailand. Bradley Martin who leads Bangkok Bobble Football is our official country representative for this beautiful country. Mr. Martin already built up the Thai Bubble Football community in an impressive way: Thailand plays a season long championship at universities, supported by sponsors. Their facebook account has already over 13.500 [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:44+02:00April 22nd, 2015|

Benvenuta Bella Italia!

Today, the 21st of March 2015, Gabriele Casali, CEO of Blitzball confirmed his accession to the IBFA and will be part of the worldwide network of Bubble Football. The Italian Bubble Football National Team will join the 1st IBFA World Cup, the World Championship in Bubblefootball which will be carried out in 2016. Casali, who [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:44+02:00März 21st, 2015|

Czech Republic joins us!

We proudly announce that the Czech Republic is represented by Crazy Bubbles respectively Filip Navrátil. Crazy Bubbles will organize the first Czech Cup this year, therefore one more team will be at the World Cup 2016! If you have any questions to our Czech member here are the contact possibilities:     Web: Facebook:

2017-09-19T17:11:44+02:00Februar 10th, 2015|

News from Japan

2nd ALL Japan Bubble Competition at Tokyo Tower The biggest Bubble Soccer Club (JAPAN BUBBLE SOCCER ASSOCIATION) in Japan has just held their 2nd All Japan Competition. So many teams joined the competition and Team “ALL DB” were the winners. Bubble Soccer started last year in Japan and already 7000 people have played in Tokyo. Bubble [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:45+02:00Februar 5th, 2015|

Austria joins the club!

Our new member Austria already organised an Championship in 2014, therefore our partner is the choice for our goal: the world cup 2016. Our new Partners Oliver Pregernig und Erich Pawelka from are already very successful in launching our sport in Austria. The tournament 2015 is already dedicated to select the world cup participant [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:46+02:00Januar 22nd, 2015|

Welcome Portugal

We are pleased to announce that Portugal is a new member of the IBFA. Mr. Vasco da Rocha is our new IBFA representative for this beautiful country. we can expect a national Portuguese bubble football cup in 2015. All interested person have the possibility to address their questions at their facebook site: The new [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:46+02:00Oktober 20th, 2014|

New member: Hong Kong

We proudly announce, that the Hong Kong Bubble Soccer Association is now part of the IBFA and will represent our association with alls the standards and official rules in Hong Kong. The HKBSA has been a while operating in Hong Kong and therefore we can soon present some articles and reports about bubble football in [...]

2017-09-19T17:11:47+02:00September 15th, 2014|

New Members

Our association is growing! In the last two weeks three new members signed: we can welcome  Japan Singapore and Switzerland on board.   From now on, these members are the official representatives for the respective countries. If you have any questions to the representatives, please use our contact form.

2017-09-19T17:11:47+02:00September 10th, 2014|