2nd Hessian Championship in Bubble Football

Cheering players at the 2nd Hessian Championship

Cheering players at the 2nd Hessian Championship

The constantly growing community of Bubble Football fans does not only make the DBFB cheer, it also shows that we can base our future events on the successfully accomplished tournaments in 2013. On account of this, the second Hessian Bubble Football Championship took place in April this year.

Not only the highly motivated players had great fun on the pitch, but also the huge number of spectators who have shown up had enormous pleasure watching the rousing games. The teams gave everything to win the coveted title of the Hessian Champion 2014. But as if that title alone was not already incentivating enough, the winning teams were also directly qualified for the second German Championship, which will take place at the Sportpark Enger (near Bielefeld) on November 29th, 2014.

Similar to the first Hessian Championship, the teams were divided into an amateur and a professional league. In the amateur league the team Frankfurter Jungs came out ahead of Seppel´s Buwe. In the professional league Maintracht Frankfurt had the edge over Die Wildfische. Congratulations to the winners once more and good luck in November!
We are very glad that the tournament passed off without any significant injury and we want to thank the participants as well as the audience once more for their overwhelming performance and support. Further thanks go to our main sponsor Polaris Media GmbH, who allowed and supported us in organizing such wonderful tournaments.


German Bubble Football Championship

Dr. Patrik Jungen and the Hessian Champion

Dr. Patrik Jungen and the Hessian Champion

The Deutscher Bubble Football Bund e.V. (German Bubble Football Association), organized in November 2013 the first German Championship with participants from all over Germany.

The tournament consisted of two classes: amateurs and professionals. Amateurs never play football during the year, in contrast to professionals, who play football in a team or practice regularly.

The event brought a lot of fun for the players as well as for the spectators. To experience the whole extent of fun in this sport, you have to attend one of our frequently organized tournaments or even better: try it yourself! We want to thank all the teams and spectators for the great atmosphere they created. We also want to thank our sponsors: Funballz and Polaris Media. Receiving such a large amount of interest from the international press was an honour and we were really glad to see so many articles and reports in various newspapers and on tv.

The official final results:

Professionals:                                          Amateurs:

1. The thirsty lions                                 1. FC Haudaneben

2. Die Wildfische                                    2. Frankfurter Jungs

3. Maintracht Frankfurt                          3. The hubble bubbles